Beer Stats

Alcohol: 5.2% AMB
Bitterness: 28 IBU
Color: Light
Style: Blonde

Where to Find It

Brewer's Notes

Light bodied blonde ale with an exotic strawberry nose. Starts out slightly sweet with notes of hibiscus, lilac and vanilla. Finishes crisp, clean and refreshing. A beer with flavor, NOT a flavored beer.

THAT Strawberry Blonde is our second beer to be distributed in cans, aren’t they beautiful?


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  1. I live in Tucson and I just tried Strawberry Blonde at The Hop Shop and it’s one of the best beers I’ve ever had! Where can I buy it? I really hope somewhere…

    1. Hi Jen!

      Thank you for the nice feedback on our Strawberry Blonde Ale! Currently in Tucson we have it in 6 packs available at Total Wine, Whole Foods, Tap & Bottle, Arizona Beer House and Tucson Hop Shop.


      1. That strawberry blonde is a very tasty beer. I sampled it at whole foods in chandler. I was in chandler on business. I am from Pennsylvania and I wish I could get more of it back here. Very good product! Good luck with it.

        1. Thanks Tom. Maybe once day we will be in Pennsylvania (which has many many fine brews). Until then, you have more reasons to do business in Arizona.

  2. Bought a 6 pack of the cans of this to try something new. Got to say I was pleasantly suprised. What a great beer! Instantly became one of my favorites. I don’t think I have had a better beer for summertime.

  3. I was just AZ- and had gone to Grapes in Jerome AZ 0 and the waitress recommended
    that I try your Strawberry Blonde – they has just gotten it in – I WAS NOT disappointed!!
    this is a great beer!!- i didn’;t have time to stop by your place – i would have loved to get more
    but now i’m home in NJ – sigh….cant wait to see if you guys can start distributing out here

  4. I am bringing my mom up north next Monday and Tuesday to do a Fall Drive around the Mogollan Rim and was excited to take her to lunch at THAT Brewery since I went once a few years ago when I was up there and loved it. I see that you are closed both days and was wondering if there is anywhere else in Payson or Pine to get Strawberry Blonde beer on tap or in cans? Thanks. I was really hoping to try that new grilled cheese you have on special this week too. Makes me sad to miss that.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Sorry you ran into the fall schedule. I work on the web site and do not have the full list of locations, so this is from my knowledge of living in Strawberry. I know you can buy THAT Beer in the Ponderosa Market in Pine, and likely the liquor store in Payson. You can get it on tap I believe at the new Old County Inn (Woodfire pizza) in Pine, maybe at Sidewinders in Pine. I’ve bought THAT too at Native Wings in Payson, the bowling alley in Payson. I also highly recommend the Pour House in Star Valley, that have THAT on tap.

      If you circled around to Sedona and Cottonwood there are more places.

      I know there is more, I will try to get a better list. Enjoy the trip, it’s beautiful up here.

  5. The label, as well as the overall taste of the beer remind me of a long lost friend… Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde. PW went out of business 10 years ago, maybe longer. I was wondering if they bought that recipe from PW, especially since they nearly copied the label.

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