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Our Green Efforts

We chose to can instead of bottle our beers because it’s easier to recycle & pack it in/pack it out
We donate to Arizona Trail Association (non profit), 5% of all AZ Trail Ale sales for trail building and maintenance plus kegs and cans for fundraising events
We donate to and fundraise regularly for Pine Strawberry Fuels Reduction in support of building new trails in the area in order to help make our communities firewise, and bring visitors to our community to continue to reduce fuels and positively impact our local businesses and county.
We recycle our cans and our cardboard
We donate our spent grain to local cattle ranchers for feed
We purchase grain locally from Camp Verde which helps with the Verde River conservation project
We use low flow toilets
For the buildout of our Cottonwood location, we reused the steel that our fermenters were shipped on to build the bar and used leftover wood for the bar top
We rescued chair springs, old metal frames, shelves, old scales & other items from a local recycling/junk yard destined for the land fill and used them for wall art and display pieces
We purchased a high efficiency boiler and closed cycle chiller for the Cottonwood production area.
We clean with heat exchange water left over from the brewing process
We recycle our grain bags as decorative tote bags and also give them away for community art projects
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