Our Green Efforts

We donate our spent grain to local cattle ranchers for feed and for making dog biscuits.
We grow a small amount of hops in Pine used in production and for education about the brewing process.
Used oil from the Pine Pub kitchen is used locally for biodiesel fuel.
We installed low flow toilets at both locations.
For the buildout of our Cottonwood location, we reused the steel that all our fermenters were shipped on. A welder friend used this to build the bar using leftover wood for the bar top.
For our Cottonwood brewery we recycled pallets by cutting them apart and using them for the decor of the bar walls.
We rescued old scales & other items (chair springs, old metal frames, shelves) from a local recycling/junk yard destined for land fill from a local recycling/junk yard and used them for wall art and display pieces at Cottonwood.
We found old scales, chair springs, metal frames, and shelving destined for the landfill and used them to create wall art and display pieces at Cottonwood.
We purchased a high efficiency boiler and closed cycle chiller for the Cottonwood production area.
At both locations we clean with heat exchange water left over from the brewing process.
We recycle our grain bags as decorative tote bags and also give them away for other community art projects.
Ultimately, our customers recycle our product – beer 🙂