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THATCast Episode 7: THAT Spring Time Feeling

Although we were able to record our first podcast in January outside on the patio in Pine, the warm sun in April is a whole new feeling. I got to chat with Steve and Tamara today on all the things…

THATCast Episode 6: Talking (and singing) about Open Mic Night in Pine

Twice a month now there is local music at THAT Brewery and Pub in Pine with a new open mic night format. We heard about this in the last podcast with Tamara where she shared how Tom Stenerson, who lives…

THATCast Episode 5: THAT’s Happening in 2018

How crazy is it first week in January to be here in Pine, sitting outside comfortably in just a light jacket? Oh well, we might as well enjoy it spending time at THAT Brewery and Pub in Pine.

THATcast Episode 4: A Day in the Brewer’s Life

For this episode we visit the THAT Brewery in Cottonwood to sit down with Cottonwood brewers John and Misty to hear what a typical (if there is such a thing) day is like brewing beer.

THATcast Episode 3: What’s Cooking? Meet Chef Val

For this podcast I sat down in the kitchen of THAT Brewery and Pub in Pine with Tamara and Chef Val to talk about… food! And beer.

THATCast Episode 2: Meet the Cottonwood Brewers

For our second THATcast episode I loaded the sound studio (well really it’s a small portable recorder) into the truck and drove down that scenic highway 260 from the Rim to visit THAT Brewery production facility in Cottonwood.

Our First Podcast… or THATcast

We are experimenting with a new means to share all that is going on at THAT Brewery with the launch of THATcast, a podcast audio series.

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