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Monday Is The New Blogging Friday

Monday is the New Blogging Friday

My blogging schedule (like anyone is even noticing) was thrown under the bus with recent out of Arizona travel, two weeks I was THAT-less.

I’m back in the Pine Pub and Brewery on a Monday afternoon because I have two visiting amigos from Canada. It’s a postcard typical Arizona blue sky day for my friends, and they are getting a good taste of what it’s like to live here.

Bringing Canadians to THAT Brewery

In fact, I owe my start in blogging to both Brian and D’Arcy, who I got to know like 15 years ago, when we are all just as young as we are now. They are in town a few days to enjoy some Arizona scenery and beer.

They are fresh back from a road trip to see Winslow, Arizona. Brian says

“Not the kind of place I’d like to be caught standing on the corner but a charming town, nonetheless”

They definitely enjoyed the wide open scenery driving up highway 87, one of my favorite roads in the state. The sky is all encompassing there.

The new Mornin Wood Stout

Today I am trying the new Mornin Wood Stout, an unfiltered stout with a bold coffee flavor. It’s brewed with beans from Green River Roasters in Camp Verde.

Brian and D’Arcy are enjoying the Road Rash IPA. Brian says it has full flavor and not too heavy, and would definitely order again.

D’Arcy agrees that they need to order one again. Yup, look at those glasses. Nearing bottom out. Round 2 coming ip.

Next up for them is an Arizona Trail Ale. Good choice!

Of course Tamara gives a big greeting to my friends, and shares some stories about what’s going on around here. She fails to talk my friends into doing the Brushes and Brews tonight.

Nice try.

My friend Brian is taking this blogging seriously, he’s racing to finish his before mine. He might be winning…

It was quiet when we walked in at 3pm, but now the bar is full. No room.

Sitting next to me is Rusty, the taxidermist whose sign I’ve seen on the highway between Pine and Strawberry for years. He shares some photos of his latest fishing action. He’s got more fishing chops than me for sure.

We chat about places to fish, how the weather is not quite what it’s been before, and how pretty much the Rim Country is the best place in the world to live.

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