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Who’s That Blonde On The Can?

Who’s That Blonde on the Can?

By the end of April you will be able to purchase cans of THAT Strawberry Blonde in the same places you can now purchase Arizona Trail Ale.

That’s right, we just started our run of the second brew in the THAT beer fleet to be canned. And isn’t she a pretty can? By tomorrow we will have completed 200 beers to be made available as a limited release.

By the end of this month we will do a full run of it and it will be available throughout Arizona.

Did we say again how beautiful that can is?

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  1. Went to your website. Clicked on locations. I could see the Pine and Cottonwood menus, but no info on the addresses in Pine and Cottonwood… no phone numbers… no emails… I’ve got the Cottonwood address from the Arizona Trails Ale can for my next trip to the Verde.

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      We apologize for any web site confusion. The addresses, a map, and hours you want under the Locations menu-, a link for Pine, a link for Cottonwood

      Addresses and links to these are also on the front page, just below the “THAT Brewery” logo on the wood background.

      I’ll make sure those links are added if you click Locations.

      A phone number and email address is on the footer of every web page.

      Thanks for letting us know that you had trouble finding this info, we certainly do not want to be hard to find.

      The addresses for both locations are maybe 2 scrolls

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