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Arizona Trail Ale

Beer Stats

Alcohol: 6% ABV
Bitterness: 38 IBU
Color: Medium
Style: English Pale Ale

Where to Find It

Brewer's Notes


THAT Flagship Beer! The malt has flavors of fresh baked whole wheat bread, giving way to subtle notes of stone fruit, rosehips, and black tea, with a sophisticated floral hop.

We brew this ale in support of the Arizona Trail  (a 800 mile trail that extends from Utah to Mexico).

This is also the first THAT beer that has been canned and available throughout the state (learn more about our canning of AZ Trail Ale).

I visited the THAT Brewery Production Facility in Cottonwood ( to take some photos for the owners. It was exciting to see the new canning line in operation, assembling this stack of Arizona Trail Ale. It's available in Whole Foods in Arizona and many other local stores (including mine, the Ponderosa Market in Pine)


aztrail-logo-600A portion of sales proceeds of this beer are  donated to the Arizona Trail Association.

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    1. Hi Nick! Glad you love the Az Trail Ale as much as we do! And we donate 5% of those beer sales to the Az Trail Association for trail building and maintenance – so every THAT AZ Trail Ale you drink helps support the trail. Unfortunately, we only distribute in AZ at this point. Cheers to local craft beers.

  1. Hello!
    I finished the trail in 2017 and I was too young to get any of the ale, but I recently turned 21 will the brewery accept my non- flipped id 22 days after my birthday?
    Happy Trails,
    Stider the Hiker

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Congrats on being an Arizona Trail Completer, that is a huge accomplishment.

      As a humble web site grunt I cannot answer on policy but will ask someone to respond to your comment. Or at a minimum, call the Brewery (928) 476-3349 and ask for a manager.

      Hope you get to taste the Trail Ale soon.

    1. Hi Brian! we are glad you have an interest in the Arizona Trail Ale, it’s all the video makes it out to be. However, we are only licensed to distribute beer in Arizona, so you will have to make a trip out here to try it out. C’mon by when you do!

  2. Hi there, I was wondering what the calorie count is for the Trail Ale? The beer is great and I’m planning a trip to Cottonwood soon to try your other beers. Cheers!

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